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Teddy Bear

The stress and heartache that accompany undergoing fertility treatments are given short shrift in our culture. Women undergo treatments which have a significant impact on their moods, mental and physical functioning all in the hopes of bearing a child. Partners to women undergoing treatment are often on standby, holding their own emotions about the fertility experience. In hoping for a child, many couples go through expensive cycles of IVF and IUI's. The waiting periods for results are often grueling--hope and dread intermingled.


In working with individuals about the experience of fertility treatments, i.e. failed cycles, embryos that fail to clear genetic testing, the impact of hormones, and the impact of treatment on the relationship I give space for clients to talk about what they feel and want. How are the treatments impacting on their own mental and physical health, what hopes and dreams are fulfilled in bearing children, what is the toll on one's significant relationships? 

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