I am a Clinical Social Worker and Psychotherapist/Psychoanalyst in private practice in Austin, TX.  The majority of my education, training and employment was in New York City. I moved to Austin, TX in 2017.

In 2001, I entered social work school at Columbia University earning a Masters of Science in Social Work. I worked in non-profit vocational rehabilitation programs, hospitals, and community outpatient mental health centers prior to entering training in psychoanalysis

Both social work and psychoanalytic theory recognize a person-in-environment perspective. As a clinician, I think about the myriad experiences that form our personal narrative --where and when we were born and to whom, how we were attended to and understood by essential others (or not),  how the world in which we live supported or thwarted us, and how our social identities (race, gender, sexual orientation, abledness) shaped us. 


Sometimes feelings and conflicts lie just below the surface of our awareness. Past conflicts, trauma and unhelpful patterns of behavior are often unconsciously recreated in present relationships. Therapy provides a frame to address/explore past traumas as they arise in the safety of the therapeutic dyad. While we cannot erase the past, therapy can help to form a new relationship to that in our past which troubles us. It can help to reframe the past as a source of wisdom and identity leading to lasting change. 

During our sessions,  I will be curious to know more about you--your culture of origin, relationships, family and upbringing. We will explore your associations and feelings about therapy and about working together. I will help you identify what you wish to change along with impediments to change. What gets in your way? 

I am on the board of Austin Psychoanalytic, (a local Division 39 chapter organization of the American Psychological Association) as a member of the Education Committee. In this capacity, I help develop educational programming  for the calendar year.  I enjoy working with Dreams utilizing Freud, Ullman and Blechner's theories of dreamwork. I have facilitated dream analysis groups for local clinicians through Austin Psychoanalytic. 

Tara Chivukula, LCSW

1500 West 38th Street

Suite 31

Austin, TX 78731


P: 512-270-1184


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